Op 10 en 11 december vindt een VN-conferentie plaats in Marrakesh, waar het zogeheten Global Compact for Migration zal worden ondertekend. Samen met twee traditionele immigratielanden, de VS en Australië, hebben verschillende Europese landen al aangegeven dit pact niet te ondertekenen.

Our Austrian member party, the FPÖ, pressed for a change of course in Austria, which caused a cascade effect in the rest of Europe. Italy, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland,… have all rejected the pact. Meanwhile, the otherworldliness in Western Europe continues.

In view of the potential disastrous demografic consequences of this pact, it is in our greatest interest that the patriotic forces in Europe work together against it. This is why the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom spearheaded a campaign, that will culminate in a meeting on the 8th of December in the Flemish Parliament. Tom Van Grieken, president of Vlaams Belang, will hold a speech, next to an impressive array of international key names of the patriotic movement. The figurehead of Patriotic France, Marine Le Pen, president of Rassemblement National, will participate in the event. As a guest speaker, Steve Bannon, Former White House Chief Stratgist and Senior Counselor to President Donald Trump and CEO of the Trump Presidential Campaign, has been confirmed.

The goal of the meeting is clear: to throw the So-Called Global compact for migration where it belongs: straight in the bin!

More information and press accreditation: http://www.beschermonseuropa.org/